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Adoption Special!


We are having an adoption special, adopt one cat and get the second 1/2 off! Cats do well in pairs, especially when you are busy and away during the day. They are able to entertain and keep each other company!

Kittens: $100 for a pair
Adults: $75

What's included:

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Vaccines up-to-date
  • Tested negative for Feline Aids, Leukemia, and Hearworm
  • De-wormed
  • Flea treatment
  • FREE bag of Pro Plan cat food

Stop by at the Oviedo or Lake Mary PetSmart and visit our wonderful, ADOPTABLE cats! OR you can visit them on Petfinder.


Our adoptions are done primarily from the PETsMART Charities Adoption Centers in Oviedo and Lake Mary Florida.

Where: PETsMART, Oviedo, FL
PETsMART, Lake Mary FL
When: All week during store hours.
Saturdays, 11:30am to 4:00pm (Oviedo only)

During Saturday hours, the Adoption Center at the Oviedo location is staffed with our volunteers. We usually have a larger number of cats and kittens available on Saturday. Smaller selections of teen/adult cats are also available for adoption throughout the week during PETsMART normal business hours at both locations.

All cats are spayed / neutered and are up-to-date on Vet care and vaccinations at the time of adoption. A nominal adoption fee is charged to cover the cost of the care of the cats. An Adoption Agreement must also be completed and signed at the time of the adoption. An adoption package is provided that includes vet and vaccination records, helpful information and a copy of the adoption agreement.

To see some of our adoptable cats and kittens, go to

Lou, adopted April 2012
"I really adore this cat. Awesome personality and very trusting. However he is the biggest "problem child" cat I've ever known. Yet he greets me every day the same way demanding attention. So how can I get mad at him? :-)."

Sunny, adopted April 2011
"Sunny is doing great! She's been a wonderful addition to my life. Even though she's still shy around other people, when we're alone I've never been around a more loving, cuddling, sweet cat than Sunny. No health problems and she even lets me clip her nails by myself. This Satuday will be three months since adopting Sunny on 4/23, but sadly Saturday also marks one year since my wife passed away from a rare and fatal cancer. Sunny has helped make the 23rd of every month a better day."

Zoomer and Fifi, adopted February 2011
"Zoomer and Fifi have both grown quite a bit. Zoomer weighs roughly 9.5lbs now and Fifi's around 7.5lbs. Fifi's shy around unfamiliar faces, but Zoomer is much more outgoing and adventurous. Usually when they find something new that piques their interest, Fifi will stand back and watch Zoomer first to confirm that things are ok before she approaches. They're both full of energy and their toys tend to take a bit of a beating as a result. They're also fond of stealing pens to play with to supplement their regular toys. All in all, things are going well."

Orion, adopted July 2010

"I love him. He's a very sweet kitty and he loves his new home. He was worth every penny."

Rainey, adopted June 2010
"Things have been going great. I really love her company and have spoiled her with various toys. She is such a blessing and a great addition to the home."

Flirt, adopted May 2010
"Not only is she doing wonderfully, but everyone loves her (me, my kitty and other visitors). She has a great personality and she's very friendly."

Zara, adopted March 2010
"She has decided to rule over the whole family and the dog too. She's bossy but she gets away with it!"