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PetSmart: Lake Mary
and Oviedo

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Adoption Special!


We are having an adoption special, adopt one cat and get the second 1/2 off! Cats do well in pairs, especially when you are busy and away during the day. They are able to entertain and keep each other company!

Kittens: $100 for a pair
Adults: $75

What's included:

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Vaccines up-to-date
  • Tested negative for Feline Aids, Leukemia, and Hearworm
  • De-wormed
  • Flea treatment
  • FREE bag of Pro Plan cat food

Stop by at the Oviedo or Lake Mary PetSmart and visit our wonderful, ADOPTABLE cats! OR you can visit them on Petfinder.

Cat Care

Make your cats indoor pets to keep them safe.
On average, indoor kitties will live 15 or more years while outside cats average only 2 or 3 years. Outside cats are exposed to many dangers, including diseases, poisons, attacks and cars. You should tag or microchip your cat in case he does escape and gets lost.

Spay or neuter your cats.
They'll be easier to keep inside if they are spayed or neutered, which is also important to curb over-population and euthanasia of unwanted cats. Spay n Save offers low-cost spay and neuter clinics. For more info please visit their website.

Keep your home safe for your cat(s).
There are dangers to cats inside homes too. Certain plants are extremely toxic and should not be in a house with cats, especially all types of lillies. Even small amounts can cause kidney failure. Toxic plants include Easter Lilies, Tiger Lilies, Day Lilies, Rubrum, Spathos, Calla Lilies and Lily of the Valley.

Other common household dangers are human medications, insecticides, certain people foods, veterinary medications, rodenticides, household cleaners, heavy metals, garden products and chemicals.

See your vet.
Annual check ups and vaccinations will make sure your cat stays healthy and fit. Your vet will also check your cat's teeth and can help prevent flea and tick infestations.Your vet can also tell you if your cat is at risk for heartworm.